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When I was five years old, I remember peeking over the edge of my father’s worktable.  It was there, underneath his collection of pencils, rulers and protractors that my dad’s drawings would emerge from the stark white paper.  I knew at that moment that I wanted to be an architect.  Of course, the next day I wanted to be a Doctor, then a Teacher, a Writer, an Actor, a Pianist, etc…  That is how I became a Computer Technician at one of Denver’s Largest Law Firms.  Still after all these years, my love for architecture has continued to linger and grow.

Years later, on my tenth birthday, my aunt gave me a subscription to "World" magazine, a children's publication that is no longer in print.  Every month, I would eagerly skip past the articles on animals, nature and different parts of the world, to get to my favorite part, the back cover.  It was here that they would picture nine super close-up photos of different common items.  It was up to the reader to figure out what these items were.  I loved it, and this monthly photo mystery sparked the beginning of my passion for patterns and macro photography.

A few birthdays later, I was given my first 110 camera.  I quickly became the family photographer forever behind the camera at family functions and on vacations and trips.  Over the next few years, my appetite merely whetted, I began to play around with anything I could get my hands on.  Super 8 film, stop action movies, VHS video recording and stills taken with my first 35mm Camera.  It was an old, dusty 1942 Argus with a dried-out leather case that fell apart the first time I took it out.  I learned more with that camera than with any other.

My desire to learn more led me to enroll in a few photography courses at the University of Colorado at Denver.  There was a class on Black and White photography that focused more on darkroom procedures and techniques; I learned a lot, but it was during a simple assignment to shoot an object in a way to make it look two-dimensional that my love for photography, close-up patterns and architecture combined into one passion.

-Jeff Stark



What's Happening!

New Photos Added!
May 6th 2011

My Perspective

Architectural Photography

I will be displaying some of my
photography over the next
two months at the
John Fielder / Denver Photo Art Gallery!

The show will open on
First Friday
(May 6th at 6pm-10pm.)
Please, feel free to stop in
and take a look!
They have some great Denver
photographers lined up
plus a lot of John Fielder’s
landscape work is on display!

What: Architectural Photo Show
When: May 6th – June 25th
Where: John Fielder/
Denver Photo Art Gallery
833 Santa Fe Drive,
Denver CO 80204
(303) 744-7979


Hope to see you there!

-  Jeff Stark

Many New Photos have been added from this years
Doors Open Denver Shoot. Take a look!
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